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Mancunia Travel bag

Mancunia "I wonder if you can help. I picked up a vintage-looking sports bag a few weeks back, with the logo Mancunia Travel on it. It’s pretty cool and I have seen them occasionally in vintage shops around Manchester. Do you know if Mancunia Travel existed and how much bags are worth?

– Pete Mitchell (Blackburn, UK)

Hi Pete,
I’d seen these around a bit too and didn’t know anything about them until an old lady in a charity shop gave me the story! Mancunia Travel did exist and indeed still do exist.

They are a very small travel company based (unsurprisingly) in Manchester. They specialise in religious pilgrimages. The bags are given free (not sold) to people who go on excursions with the company. Hence, the reason why you see them a lot in charity shops and house clearance, but never for sale.

Because of the name and the "vintage" look, they are well worth picking up. In perfect condition, these small holdalls sell between £10 and £15. I mean, what Mancunian could resist?

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