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Vintage film poster auction

LemansAs well as becoming very fashionable items to have on your walls, original film posters are rapidly rising in value – making them both a cool thing to buy and a decent financial investment if you purchase wisely.

You can always pick up cheap originals from eBay, but if you want a poster that’s guaranteed vintage and in mint condition, you need to bid at the vintage film poster auction on 15th March at Christie’s in London. They have some very impressive posters, from the 1920s to the 1980s and from all over the world, so there’s bound to be something that appeals.

You can bid at the auction or you can sign up easily (I know, I’ve done it) online and leave an "absentee" bid. Yes, some command prices in their £1000s, but dig deeper – some really nice posters can be picked up for £100-£200. Still not cheap, but look after it and it’ll look after you.

Browse the film poster catalogue at Christies

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