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Classic Doctor Who clips

Katy_manning Well, telly doesn’t get much more retro than Doctor Who. Thing is, they’ve gone all professional these days – gone are the cardboard sets, rubber masks, ill-fitting costumes and that strange habit that all aliens had of speaking fluent English.

Yes, old Doctor Who was loads better, because it was unashamedly cheap ‘n’ cheerful (and written in large part by the bloke who wrote the best bits of The Avengers). Luckily, with the new series looming, the BBC has decided to do a few montages (if that’s the right word) of Doctor Who’s past and stuck them online.

Take your pick from the 60s, 70s and 80s – compilations of the best bits of each decade, complete with soundtrack of the day. So if you want to watch William Hartnell being chased by the Cybermen to the strains of the Small Faces’ ‘All Or Nothing’, you know where to go.

Visit the BBC’s Doctor Who video page