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Budgie DVD – full details

Budgie2 We’re very excited about the release of Adam Faith’s Budgie on DVD – so now we have the full details, we’re very eager to share them with you!

Network releases Budgie – the Complete First Series on 22nd May 2006 as a 4-disc set containing all thirteen episodes from the first series (episode details listed at the end of this piece). It will retail for around £30. Here’s the full press release:

"Adam Faith (Stardust, Love Hurts, Beat Girl) stars as the down-and-out – yet forever optimistic – Ronald ‘Budgie’ Bird. A petty crook that clings like a limpet to the fringes of the bent society in London’s Soho, he’s always got one eye on a get-rich quick scam – and one eye on the big time. He’s got a wife he never sees, a girlfriend and an illegitimate lovechild hidden away – but he bounces on irrepressibly, knowing he’s got admirers out there. For one, his girlfriend Hazel admires his cheeky, happy-go-lucky style, and Charlie Endell – the ‘Mr Big’ of Budgie’s scene – admires his never-say-die attitude. But admiration doesn’t pay the bills…"

Read on for full episode details.

Episode Listing:


Budgie Bird is a loser. A petty crook who clings to the fringe of the bent society in London’s Soho and South London, he has an eye for easy money, pretensions to the big time and a cornered market in failure. But Budgie is an incorrigible optimist – something will turn up, easy street is just a block away. Atlas would blanch at carrying his troubles – a wife somewhere, a girlfriend somewhere else and an illegitimate baby. But Budgie bounces along, a snowball in hell trying to be a blizzard. Budgie has admirers, though. His girlfriend Hazel admires his irrepressible style and Charlie Endell, the Mr. Big of Budgie’s scene, admires his never-say-die attitude. But admiration won’t solve Budgie’s problems…

Original ITV Transmission 9 April 1971

Some Mother’s Sons

Budgie seems to have fallen on his feet – a flat right in the centre of Soho all to himself for six weeks. But why is Charlie doing him a favour – and Hazel’s mother has plans for him too.

Original ITV Transmission 16 April 1971


Budgie’s on to something big. It means "playing at home" in Watford for a change. It means seeing his wife Jean; but Budgie knows he’s sure of a welcome there, isn’t he?

Original ITV Transmission 23 April 1971

Grandee Hotel

An evening of "luxury" – Spanish nosh and chateau-bottled "plonk" at the Grandee Hotel on the North Orbital road – gives Budgie the chance of clinching an important business deal.

Original ITV Transmission 30 April 1971

In Deep

Budgie’s in the money – it’s unheard of. But it’s true. But how did he get it… and more importantly, can he hang on to it?

Original ITV Transmission 7 May 1971

Could Do Better

Budgie’s got a job working in Charlie Endell’s bookshop. He’s saving up for a holiday. But Hazel has a problem that starts off a sequence of events which lead Budgie back to his old school and into a tricky situation.

Original ITV Transmission 14 May 1971

Best Mates

"A man’s best mate is his best mate" they say, especially when he is in trouble. But Budgie finds that in the case of Maguire that trouble leads to trouble, and still more trouble – 500 troubles to be exact.

Original ITV Transmission 21 May 1971

Everybody Loves a Baby

Budgie is in the farming business – but not the kind that includes furry creatures or our feathered friends. The only "birds" are two-legged ones…

Original ITV Transmission 28 May 1971

A Pair of Charlies

Budgie gets blown up – and let down!

Original ITV Transmission 4 June 1971

Fiddler on the Hoof part 1

It’s domestic problems for Budgie – one of them being his dad and, to quote Budgie: "What is a dad? A dad is a bloke who skives off from home and tries to tap you for a couple of quid…"

Original ITV Transmission 11 June 1971

Fiddler on the Hoof part 2

Budgie’s sister, Vi, wants to marry Tony, and Budgie says he’ll fix it. But one problem is how to get Tony to the altar, and another is the "paying guest" – Zip.

Original ITV Transmission 18 June 1971

Sunset Mansions (or Whatever Happened to Janey Baib?)

Budgie, avoiding the police as usual, meets Janey and Denzil, an odd couple, and gets involved in the throbbing world of show business. But he finds that in every silver lining there is a cloud.

Original ITV Transmission 25 June 1971

And In Again

Budgie gives Charlie Endell a birthday present, but Charlie shows his gratitude in a very peculiar way.

Original ITV Transmission 2 July 1971