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Scalextric Formula One

Scalextric Funny how you can have all the reality you like from console racing games, but it’s nothing like that buzz you get from Scalextric. I think it’s a legacy of childhood, always wanting one – and probably never getting one (or getting a cheap substitute – TCR anyone?).

Well, it’s still here and now you’ve got a job and money, there’s nothing stopping you buying the latest set – the official Scalextric Formula One racing set.

The set comes with a 6.75 metre racing track, two hand throttles and two F1 cars (Ferrari and the McLaren Mercedes). To keep things as realistic as possible the Ferrari comes complete with the newer motor, delivering a "zippier" performance! Ferrari and Mercedes ‘sister’ cars as well as Williams and Renault team models are also available, with Honda F1 cars following later this year. 

The F1 set can be upgraded for full digital racing, which allows lane changing within multi-car racing for that competitive GP experience. And of course, you can add a further touch of realism by adding garages, grandstands, control towers and even your own pit crew teams!

The Scalextric Formula One set is out now, retailing for around £100. Go on – you’re only young twice.

Visit the Scalextric website