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Cinedelica – the world of cult film and TV

Filmreels Not content with rambling on about the world of retro, we’ve now decided to launch a new website dedicated to the world of cult film and TV, known as Cinedelica.

Cinedelica will cover everything from the 1920s to the present day, mixing reviews of the weird and the obscure with the latest news of films showing on the big and small screen, movie trailers, reissues and anything else we think will be of interest. All with tongue firmly in cheek. The site has just gone live, but expect daily updates from now to keep you amused and entertained.

Want to write or contribute to Cindelica?

If you love cult movies and TV and want to write about it, please get in touch. No experience necessary, a love of the big and small screen will suffice. Email uas at [email protected].

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  • what exactly defines a cult movie? is that you and your friends watch it over and over? is it a popular independent film? or does it have to epitomize an era, a movement or a type of people?

  • David Walker

    Hard one to say in a few words, but I’ve always viewed it as cinema that sits outside the mainstream – movies with a niche appeal or films that have been re-appraised since launch.
    What’s “cult” is very much down to an individual, which is why the site will be covering such wide ground!