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Ericofon – the world’s coolest phone

I use an Ericofon in my office. It’s a centenary 700 model with push button dialling, picked up "as new" from an office clearance sale. It’s undoubtedly the best-looking home phone ever made. The downside? Well, it can get a bit heavy during a long call and if you need to press your hash key to get through an an automated sequence – well there isn’t one. But that’s a minor irritation and more than compensated by the style it gives your home.

The Ericofon was developed by Ericsson in the mid 50s, with sales of the phone continuing into the late 70s (with slight amendments to the models) until the centenary model brought production to an end.

Thirty years on and the redundant technology has become a desirable addition to any retro home. Vintage retailers charge anything up to £120 for a working phone in excellent condition, but check eBay for cheaper deals (making sure the connectors are suited to your country).

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  • Richard

    These Swedish phones are known as “Cobras” in Sweden. A fact that might enable people to find more Ericofons on eBay etc.

  • Ulf

    You can buy spareparts to your Ericofon on this site!