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Living With Modernism

Living With Modernism
on BBC4 provides exclusive access to some of the country’s most spectacular modernist houses, exploring what it’s really like to live in a modernist gem.

Presenter Simon Davis tells the history of the commission and construction of houses across the country while spending a weekend snooping round the homes with the owners to see if it’s actually any fun living in a 20th-century architectural masterpiece.

My own favourite of the series so far was a house designed by Patrick Gwynne in Hampstead. This weeks episode features Kevock Road the brainchild of architects James Morris and Robert Steedman, this steel and glass building located near Edinburgh is a mesmerising example of modern living. It was one of Scotland’s first modernist constructions, built at the top of a valley.

If you haven’t watched it already you can catch it on BBC4 Tuesday 30th May at 10pm.

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