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Once In A Lifetime – New York Cosmos

1977 – one of New York’s most memorable summers for good and bad reasons. Blackouts, riots, the Son of Sam serial killer, but also the dawn of Studio 54 and the arrival of showbiz soccer in the form of the New York Cosmos, featuring the likes of Pelé, Johan Cruyff and Franz Beckenbauer .

It lasted as long as the ageing players’ legs, but left behind a story of how a powerful group of entertainment moguls briefly created an entertainment phenomenon. The film of those years – Once In A Lifetime – is about to hit UK cinemas.  Narrated by Matt Dillon, it reveals how the Cosmos rose from total anonymity to become the hottest ticket in town under the wing of Warner Bros. Chairman Steve Ross – adored by rock stars and fashionistas before being overwhelmed by a wild world of wealth, groupies, rivalries and power struggles.

Using a combination of  70s soul and pop music, never-before-seen footage, footie action, newsreels from the era and interviews from everyone and anyone connected, the film captures that brief moment when Americans really did love "soccer".

It opens at selected cinemas from May 19th.

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