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Penguin retro tracksuit top

Ah, vintage sportswear. One of the biggest growth markets in the used clothing field, with dealers scouring the European markets for old tracksuit tops that aren’t riddled with bobbles or the smell of vintage athlete’s sweat. It’s worth it too, because some of the rarer pieces change hands for sizeable amounts.

If you’re less concerned by the pedigree and more interested in the look, there are new "vintage" items, like this Penguin Mr Roboto track jacket.

Made from 100 per cent cotton, it’s got the elasticated cuffs and waist, plus a nice contrasting colour on both and the collar. The logo gives away its real vintage, but at least you’ll know you where your jacket has been.

Should be found at most Penguin dealers, priced around £60.

Visit the Penguin Clothing website

  • Sdv

    Lacoste did a similar one for the boys this summer, except more ivory less cream. This looks pretty cute too.