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USB record turntable

If you’re anything like us, you’ll not be averse to rummaging round the junk shops for some weird and wonderful vinyl (Romantic Moog anyone?), not to mention the odd 60s soul 45 in moments of weakness on eBay. You can play them on your record deck, but what about when you want to listen to them on your PC or MP3 player?

It’s easy with this USB turntable. Simply plug it into USB port, fire up the Audacity software (which works for PC and Mac), press record, then press "start" on the turntable. You’re converting to MP3 with ease. The belt-driven turntable features adjustable gain, anti-skating control and can also be used with your stereo as a standard record turntable.

It’s now available in the UK, priced around £120.

More information on the Firebox website

  • A fantastic way to turn your old vinyl records into an MP3 format is via the Ion USB Turntable. Now its time to get my old collection out of the attic and wipe down the dust.