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Duffer’s retro range on sale

is a bit hit ‘n’ miss and I’m sure their prices can be a little cheaper too – but occasionally they have some really nice stuff and they also have the odd sale. So when the two match up, you can’t go far wrong.

It’s sale time now, and in that sale are items from the Duffer of St George Retrospective Collection, which celebrated the company’s 20th anniversary and re-worked some classic designs.

The Yardi Cardie is a classic "old school" Duffer piece, made from a cashmere-wool mix. Initially based upon an original Duffer Yardie Cardie, it’s available in either patriot blue and chocolate chip and features three vertical stripes run down either side of the cardigan in a lighter shade with fully fashioned patch pockets and specially made Duffer shank buttons in enamel.

It was up at £150, but in the sale they’re £85. Well worth a punt.

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