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Keep Calm wartime poster

Keepcalm If ever anything summed up that British "stiff upper lip", this Keep Calm And Carry On poster is it. This original World War II was discovered in a box of old books found in an attic, which came into the hands of the Barter Books store in Northumberland.

While the books weren’t great, they knew a gem of a poster when they saw one. A simple poster with a simple message – and one that’s just as applicable over 60 years on.

They had the original 60cm x 42 cm poster framed, then decided to reproduce it after much customer interest. So now you can buy one at £3.60, with postage at £1 in the UK, £2 overseas.

Find out more at the Barter Books website

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  • g poirier

    is there an underline under the KE? or is that something that is just in this photo?

  • wildsoda

    That’s just the reflection of something in the glass, perhaps a flourescent tube light.