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Tales of the Unexpected returns

Talesoftheunexpected Some shows are never as good as you remember them…but somehow I doubt that a re-run of Tales of the Unexpected will let us down.

Yes, the show with the infuriatingly annoying theme tune (I bet you’re humming it now) and the very silly dance routine (I bet you’ve done it after a few drinks) is back on ITV3 (which you can get on Freeview) from Friday 23rd June at 11pm, with the channel running the entire first series over the coming weeks.

The first episode, entitled The Man From the South, features a young Pamela Stephenson and revolves around a bet in which the stakes are a Jag and a little finger. Oh yes, and a plot twist that’s usually signposted so prominently, it should have a neon sign. But that doesn’t mean it’ll be anything but 30 minutes of top notch 70s-styled entertainment.

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