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Vans Rata shoes

Vansrata_1 I never thought I’d mention Vans on this site – their oversized wide trainers are everything that isn’t smart. So it’s something of a surprise to see the company putting their name to a rather smart throwback shoe that has takes more than a little nod to classic Clarks’ design – the Vans Rata shoe.

In fact, you wonder of Vans are having second thoughts about bringing out the shoe – there’s nothing on their website about them, so we’ll let you know that they feature suede uppers (3 shades – though we have seen some in a soft leather too), a rubber sole and a contrasting tartan inner.

As far as I know (and I’d love you to correct me) they’re not available in the UK, but are available, usually discounted, in the US and on eBay. For example, Swell in the US is selling them for $35 (£19). Even adding the shipping, that’s a giveaway price.

Find out more at the Swell website