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Vinyl Killer VW record player

This has been out a long time (I remember reading about them in the Beastie Boys’ Grand Royal magazine about 10 years back), but we’re giving a mention to the Vinyl Killer, the miniature Volkswagen van record player, for one reason – you can now pick up a limited edition model covered in Swarovski crystals.

If you’ve never encountered the Vinyl Killer before, it’s a VW van that you place on your LPs – it then goes round (the van, not the LP), with the grooves picked up by a stylus on the rear of the van, which then plays back via the built-in amplifier and speaker. That’s the good bit – what it does to your LPs is possibly the bad bit, but it’s a great novelty if your LP isn’t all that rare.

It’s a Japanese gadget, with the Swarovski crystal version (known as the SlingSling edition) available for the equivalent of £274. But if you want one of the more modest basic editions, that should set you back around £36.

Find out more at the Razy-Works website