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DangerMouse turns 25

Dangermouse OK, DangerMouse is probably older than 25, but it’s almost 25 years since the crime-fighting mouse and his assistant, Penfold, hit our screens, voiced by David Jason and Terry Scott.

DangerMouse, made his initial appearance on September 28th 1981, the first of 161 episodes in which the mouse and his assistant attempt to save the world from the clutches of the evil Baron Greenback. And it’s still got the credibility – voted third in Channel 4’s all-time greatest kids’ TV shows (and it should have been second – never really bought into The Muppets).

To celebrate the 25th anniversary, Fremantle is releasing six classic titles on DVD as well as a complete collection boxset. The single discs should retail for around a tenner, the whopping 12-disc box, which has a load of special features, interviews and games tagged on, will sell for £60.

Go on – you know you want to 10 again.

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