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Penfold lookalike competition

Penfold Following on from our feature yesterday on DangerMouse turning 25, we’ve just been informed that the company behind the DVD releases, Fremantle, is running a competition to find the nation’s best look-a-like of Penfold.

To enter the competition, would-be Penfold’s need only send a current photograph and contact details to the address we’ll print at the end. Then, a panel of expert judges (including some of the original artists who drew Penfold) will decide which short, fat balding man with glasses is Britain’s best Penfold. And if you’re not a Penfold, but know someone who is, you can send in their details and win!

Winning entries will receive an original and genuine film cell from the classic animation framed and personally signed by Brian Cosgrove and Mark Hall.

To enter, send contact details and a photo to:
[email protected]

Or by post to:
Penfold Look-a-like
PO Box 42, South East Delivery Office
Manchester, M12 6AY