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Ironman – the pop art ironing board

Probably the first – and last – time we feature an ironing board on Retro To Go. But stick with us, because the Ironman is a cut above any others you’ve seen.


Ironman takes a human form, which makes ironing your shirts easier – his broad chest provides a greater surface area. Better still, his legs allow you to slip over trousers and shorts, which again should make life easier. It’s also very sturdy – featuring an ultra-strong woven steel mesh ‘body’ on a lightweight (but strong) tubular frame.

But best of all – you can choose the coloue your Ironman comes in – and you can customise it. Slip on the Union Jack cover to have the ultimate pop art ironing board (especially good if you have the Union Jack Smeg fridge). And if you’re a US reader, you’ll be pleased to know there’s a Stars and Stripes version too.

It’s available now from Firebox for just under £100.

Find out more at the Firebox website