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Pink Floyd and Syd Barrett Story

There’s a new range of music DVDs in the shops from next week from Slam Dunk Media, predominantly reissue titles of full price titles with all the same extras, but with one big difference – they all cost just £5.99.

First up is the Pink Floyd and Syd Barrett Story. Bit of a misleading title, as it’s really just the Syd Barrett Story. And it’s no quick cash-in after Syd’s death – this is the BBC’s well-received Omnibus documentary from a few years back.

Well-received because it was incredibly well put-together. With just the right amount of sentimentality, it pulls together all the main players in his early life, adds some interesting period footage, throws in a couple of contemporary fans and you a well-balanced, very watchable show for both casual and serious Syd fans.

The biggest coup for this BBC documentary is getting all the members of Pink Floyd to contribute, along with original member Bob Klose, former manager Pete Jenner, original backer/producer Joe Boyd and former flatmate, eccentric artist Duggie Fields. All talk fondly of the man, the band members almost regretfully about the past and their lack of contact with Syd in modern times.

There’s some great footage too, not too much, but just enough to get across the effervescent character on his way up – and the darker Syd on his way down.

If you’re an early Floyd fan (and you didn’t pick this up first time round), it’s got to be worth £6. In fact, at that price, it’s worth for anyone just intrigued about the legend that is (or was) Syd Barrett.

Extras on the DVD:

Unseen interview footage with Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters and David Gilmour, 3 acoustic performances of Syd’s songs by Robyn Hitchcock and Graham Coxon, Syd Barrett biography.