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Gerry Anderson – The Monochrome Years

Gerry_anderson OK, so you know Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet and Joe 90 – but a new box set throws the spotlight on some of Gerry Anderson’s lesser-known early (and black and white) work under the title of Gerry Anderson – The Monochrome Years. This whopping 19-DVD box set brings together four of his earliest shows – over forty-three hours of animation. The shows featured are:

Four Feather Falls
Sherriff Tex Tucker is responsible for keeping the old West free from bandits and marauding Indians. Helped by four magical feathers, Dusty the Dog and his trusty steed, Rocky, Four Feather Falls was a big hit in 1960. This set contains all thirty-nine episodes.

Mike Mercury takes to the skies in Supercar. In fact, Supercar could go anywhere – and usually did. All thirty-nine episodes are here.

Torchy the Battery Boy
Torchy the Battery Boy is a walking, talking, battery-operated boy, who has countless adventures with his toy friends in Topsy-Turvy Land. The set contains all twenty-six episodes from the first series of the show.

Fireball XL5
Steve Zodiac pilots of Fireball XL5, a roving vehicle that must fight off the Green Men, the Subterrains and the dastardly Mr and Mrs Space Spy. All thirty-nine episodes asre featured.

Gerry Anderson – The Monochrome Years is available forn 9th October, priced officially at £100, but sure to be discounted if you shop around.

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