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The Sweeney returns as a movie

Seeing as the movie industry has been through America’s 70s output (by and large unsuccessfully), it’s no surprise to see it pillaging Britain’s TV shows – starting with a remake of The Sweeney.

According to Variety, the remake is being undertaken by DNA Films, with directorial duties being undertaken by Nick Love, but on the plus side, with input from original Sweeney creator Ian Kennedy Martin. The new Sweeney isn’t a Life On Mars 70s re-creation – it’s down as a "contemporary police story", but will apparently be "just as violent and sweary as the original."

And the plot? According to Andrew McDonald of DNA Films:  "It’s about an older cop who’s in the second half of a career that he has spent in relentless pursuit of the job, grappling with how the world has changed."

It doesn’t sound all that thrilling, but the involvement of Ian Kennedy Martin might save the day.  The production’s due to start next May.