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Space Invaders old school trainers


A touch of genius. The Space Invaders website has produced a range of Space Invaders trainers, with a design that wouldn’t have been out of place when the game first hit the UK’s arcades.

Take a closer look and you’ll notice the suede trim with "invader" lurking before the toe. But there’s more – check out the sole. If you’re walking in snow or on a beach (or if you put ink on the sole as in this movie), you’ll leave a trail of space invaders wherever you walk.

Available in red, black or grey and limited to 1500 pairs, you can pick them up for 89 Euros (around £60) plus shipping.

Find out more from the Space Invaders website

  • Kevin Conner

    Anyone know where i can find at least a picture of Nicks trainers

  • kira

    where can i buy a pair of these trainers?