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Zoltar Fortune Telling Machine

Remember the film Big? It was a typically 80s flick starring Tom Hanks (before he discovered serious acting) as a child who wants he could be "big". And courtesy of a fairground Zoltar machine, his wish comes true. Well, if you want to be younger or older, now’s your chance – with the Zoltar Fortune Telling Machine now available to buy online.

The Zoltar machine is over 6ft tall, with the fortune teller inside decked out in moustache and beard, head wrap and gold shirt. The cabinet is oak, with three panes of tempered glass. Zoltar acknowledges your presence and invites you to approach him – that means stick your coin in for a reading. He’ll read the ball and offer 16 different spoken fortunes and 23 different printed fortunes.

Coins are removeable (so you could make your money back off your mates), but alas, there’s no guarantee your wishes will come true. Mind you, if you’re desperate and have $9,000 spare, it might be worth a try.

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