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Mod baby shoes


One of the great things about your kids being young is that, just for a few years, you get to choose what they wear. So why not indulge yourself while they’re very young with these Mod baby shoes.

Handmade in the UK, they’ll protect your baby’s feet and just as importantly, stay on their feet, courtesy fo an elasticated ankle. The shoes are made from natural soft leather, have a durable non-skid suede sole and are coloured with non-toxic dye.

Available in khaki or blue, each pair comes in a starchild gift box with a gift tag and retails for £13.99. There’s also a scooter design available for the same price.

Find out more at the Jellybabys website

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Topshop golden metallic smock dress

We featured a silver dress with our first pick, now we are going for gold with this golden metallic smock dress from Topshop as our fourth choice this week.

Topshop are always spot on with trends and this dress manages to combine metallic and smock styling. So is a two for one in terms of this seasons looks. The shimmering gold colour also makes it ideal for parties, and if it suits you this is could be the dress for you.

The dress is 100% cotton with a polyester lining. It has the 60s a-line look and cute button detailing on the rounded collar. It is also quite reasonably priced at £55, so will ensure you have enough money to spend on matching accessories.

Find out more on the Topshop website.

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Retro TV and Radio Handbags


Looking for a quirky little bag? Check out these retro TV and Radio Handbags at Yellowduck.

Just 13cm in length, they have the look of vintage TVs and radios, with a face looking out from the "screen". Want that to be your face? Well you d just that, as the image shown is just for display – a slot allows you slip in any face you like.

Available to buy online, they retail for just £4.50 each.

Find out more at the Yellowduck website

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Swatch’s op art Chessboard watch

For me, Swatch is very much of an era – the 80s. But whilst out shopping in a well-known department store earlier in the week (Selfridges if you must know), we saw the Swatch Chessboard watch, which is reminiscent of another era – the 1960s.

It’s probably the bracelet rather than the watch, a fantastic op art design in black and white stainless steel that should guarantee your wrist some serious attention. The face is plain, but in a good way, with bold grey numbers on a white background, along with a black surround. The watch is also waterproof to 30m.

And the best part of all is the price – it’s just £32.50.

Find out more at the Swatch website

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Gama-Go Flipperoo Clock


I don’t think we’ve featured a clock for a while – and this Flipperoo Clock from Gama-Go is a real gem.

It’s a good old-fashioned clock with big and bold numbers, coupled with a flip-style calendar – the kind you’d see in a bank or post office. Except of course, this isn’t quite so dull, featuring stylised letters and numbers, not to mention some strong colours for the outer case – silver, orange or green.

They’re limited to just 200, each model is numbered and they’re available now for $60 (that’s around £35). And Gama-Go do ship internationally.

Find out more at the Gama-Go website

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Vintage belt camera bag

Very smart and very eco-friendly – this camera bag from ecocentric is handmade from vintage leather belts.

Not a million miles away from an old Super 8 camera case, this bag is made from good quality leather belts that should age and improve in appearance the longer you own it. The strap is adjustable to wear over the shoulder or across the body, while the inside of the bag is lined with moleskin, except for the pocket, which is lined with vintage silk tie fabric.

Note that all are unique, so your bag might differ slightly from the picture. It retails for £239.

Find out more at the Ecocentric website