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Andy Warhol banana bag

Ideal for pairing with your Warhol watch, this Andy Warhol banana bag is certain to be a real head turner.

Made by Loop NYC, the bag is around 20 inches long, with a 24-inch vinyl handle. It features a silk-screened canvas exterior with black sequins, a metallic silver lining and inner zip pocket, along with a gun & lip zip pull.

Available online, you can pick it up for $80 (which is around £45).

Find out more at the Fred Flare website

  • Samantha

    this is the best purse ever it is sooooo beautiful. Give me a free one cuz i’m poor.not kidding.

  • Anisa

    oh my god. this is like THE best purse everrrr. one day, i will SOOOO buy one. (:

  • ive been trying to find this available online for a year or two & i can’t find it! D:
    i need this. badly