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Celia Birtwell fashion fridge magnets


If you liked the Celia Birtwell range for Topshop we featured the other day, you’ll love these fashion fridge magnets, which feature more of her fabulous dress designs.

A bit like those paper dolls from the 70s, where you cut out the dresses to give the doll a different look, these fridge magnets make it easy (no cutting required). You get to dress Scarlett who comes with 3 vintage dresses, 3 contemporary dress and one oversized bag. It sounds like great fun to play around with while you get the milk out of your fridge.

Available directly from the Celia Birtwell website, they cost £14.95 plus postage, and are a great gift idea for anyone with an interest in fashion, or who just likes the idea of reliving their childhood.

Find out more on the Celia Birtwell website.