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Download the James Bond novels to your MP3 player

Bond_audible There’s a commonly-held belief that you don’t get a sense of the ‘real’ James Bond unless you read Ian Fleming’s originals. To find out, you’ll have to read a few books – or you can download them for your iPod or MP3 player, with all the original James Bond stories now available as audiobooks.

The downloads are from Penguin and are exclusively available from Audible. There’s 14 in total (with 10 available initially), kicking off with 1953’s Casino Royale, read by Rufus Sewell (whoever he is).

Not sure I really like the idea of audio downloads taking over from books, but if you’re on a busy train or in a car, might be a worthwhile idea. Casino Royale retails for £6.99, with the rest available for £5.60 or 3 for £15. Or you can pick up the old paperbacks in a charity shop for £1.

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