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DVD Review: Bloody Kids (1979)

The late 70s and early 80s was a vibrant time for British cinema and a good time for emerging British talent, but sadly, many of the films of the films of that era just don’t seem to have aged well. That’s definitely the case with Bloody Kids, which has just been released for the first time on DVD.

No classic, but still interesting. The film is based in Southend and revolves around two 11-year-old friends – the manipulative Leo and the manipulated Mike. Leo has a plan to get some police attention, using some stolen blood, the two lads will have a ‘mock’ fight outside Southend football ground and pretend Leo has been stabbed.

Except, in the heat of the scuffle, Leo really does get stabbed – and Mike goes on the run, while Leo gets rushed to hospital for some minor treatment.

All promising, but the story never really grabs after that. Mike gets befriended by a local gang of punks (well, loosely speaking) led by ex-Auf Weidersehen Pet man Gary Holton. he takes him round their world, which is basically the streets of Southend – including a bad disco (run by Mel Smith), the shopping centre and a Chinese restaurant. But eventually, Mike gets tired of running and heads to the hospital to sort things out.

It’s a nice period piece of the era (especially if you live in Southend or have a love of bad period fashion), with a good cast of developing UK talent, but to be honest, a slightly messy storyline (by Stephen Poliakoff would you believe) means it doesn’t really rise above interesting. But it’s certainly worth watching for anyone who enjoys modern British cinema.

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