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Fred Perry goes bad (again)


Yes, despite some great items in this year’s range, Fred Perry does have a habit of putting out some appalling items in the name of fashion – and here’s some of them.

They’re part of the Blank Canvas range – where the company invites designers to develop their own look using the Fred Perry logo. These t-shirts are from Northern Irish "stylist" Alastair McKimm, obviously based on a vintage Fred look.

What do you think? Clever design or Fred Perry hell? Let us know below.

Fred Perry website

  • Truly inexcusably poor design!

  • Kevan

    Absolutely foul.

  • mart

    I think it’s a great idea. Instead of buying a seperate tie and braces you’ve already got them!;-)
    or to put it another way – obscene!

  • Lisa

    Badly drawn boy….

  • Garmz

    fukin awful!

  • i think this is so cool
    indie kids everywhere will love it