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Ultimate Hammer Collection DVD Box Set

Hammer_box The sets were occasionally wobbly, the plots sometimes more so – but for many, Hammer is still the benchmark for classic horror movies. And if you want the perfect introduction, you should pick up the Ultimate Hammer Collection DVD Box Set, which brings together 21 classic horror, sci-fi and fantasy films from the Hammer vaults, along with a host of extras.

The films featured are (*deep breath*) Blood From The Mummies, Demons Of The Mind, Fear In The Night, One Million Years BC, Plague Of The Zombies, Quatermass And The Pit, Rasputin, The Mad Monk, The Reptile, Dracula, Prince Of Darkness, Frankenstein Created Women, Horror Of Frankenstein, Scars Of Dracula, She, To The Devil A Daughter, The Vengeance Of She, The Witches, Slave Girls, The Nanny, The Devil Rides Out and The Viking Queen.

All come in a cool collector’s box and feature commentaries, trailers, intereviews and a full-length documentary about the production house. It’s available from Amazon for just under £116 – which isn’t bad considering what you get. We’ll be looking at some of the featured titles in the box in more detail over at our cult movie site, Cinedelica.

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