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Classic Clip: Yorkshire Disco Dancing Championships

Fondly remembered by students, layabouts and late night drinkers (surely that’s all of us at some point) is a night time show called In Bed With Medinner, hosted by Bob Mills, who sat on an Avengers-style set and pulled out some gems from the TV archives, then proceeded to rip them apart.

It was TV gold and happily, a number of clips have made it to YouTube. Check out this one from 1980 – the Yorkshire Disco Dancing Championships. Every bit as bad as it sounds. And if you enjoy this, check out the rest on YouTube, there’s a seemingly endless supply.

  • Hi, just browsed on to the site via google as i’ve got a 16th floor Conran appt i’m currently furnishing, and was suprised to see one of my youtube clips featured! I’d never really thought of Medinner as a retro source before- guess it is though.
    Great pages- i’m about to investigate more of the links to see what I can buy. I’ve got one of the Hannspree TVa (26″) which I got from Misco for the unbelievable price of £205 inc delivery just before christmas. It looks great , the only real problem is that the wood effect sides and back isn’t at all visible from front on- and it looks really good!
    cheers, keep up the good work,