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Special Branch comes to DVD

Think vintage police dramas and you’ll probably think of The Sweeney – hardly surprising, it was an iconic British TV series. But The Sweeney followed a similar lost TV gem – Special Branch.

First appearing on TV screens in 1969 (and rarely seen since), the first series of the show is returning on DVD, complete and uncut. As the title suggests, it was similar in plot to The Sweeney – but this time featuring the Special Branch, tackling various threats to national security. It featured Derren Nesbitt as no-nonsense Detective Chief Inspector Jordan (a forerunner to Jack Regan), Wensley Pithey as Supt. Eden and Fulton "Porridge" Mackay as Det. Supt. Inman.

If you’ve worn out your Sweeney DVDs, worth a look. We’ll have a review up nearer the release date, which is 5th February 2007.

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