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Vote for Retro To Go at the Brit Blog Awards


We never get out much – too busy finding things for Retro To Go (and typing them all up). But if you want to us to have a night out in a posh frock and ill-fitting hired dinner jacket, you could give a minute of your time to vote for us in the Brit Blog Awards, run by Ask and the Metro newspaper.

As the name suggests, it’s to pick the best of British-written blogs – and that includes us (well, we’re British after all). If you want to vote for us, you’ll have to register at the Metro website (they don’t spam you and it doesn’t take long) and cast a vote for us (with a brief reason why). Obviously, you’re free to vote for other Brit sites if you wish.

And in return for that time, we promise to offer up more retro finds every day for the rest of the year. Surely a fair deal. Go on, you’re in work time anyway.

Cast your vote in the Brit Blog Awards