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Bird Electron retro iPod mixer


There’s something horrible happening in the pubs and clubs of the world – proper vinyl DJing is being replaced by very improper iPods and laptops. While I’m dead against that, I’m quite impressed with this bedroom-friendly Bird Electron DJ-4 retro iPod mixer, which is new to the shops of Japan.

This retro-styled micro mixer hooks up to your speakers, stereo or headphones and consists of a stainless steel casing and two vintage guitar volume knobs to fade your music in and out from the two music sources. And you don’t have to use iPods – any music source can be used, including those trusty vinyl decks.

It’s also cheap at the equivalent of £40 – so if you know anyone heading to Japan, ask them to pick you one up, And one for me please.

Bird Electron website (in Japanese)

Via Engadget