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Cult Clip: Eurovision 1974 – Gigliola Cinquetti

As it’s Eurovision tomorrow, it seems rude not to stick up a clip. But which one? A winner? A really poor loser? Well, in the end, we’ve gone for this clip from 1974 – Si by Gigliola Cinquetti, which made second place in 1974, just behind winners Abba.

We went seeing Morrissey some time back – and part of his support was a large screen showing old clips of the Eurovision and the New York Dolls – and this really stuck in my mind, for better or for worse.

If it’s a bit too classy for you, check out some truly atrocious entries from Belgium on YouTube, including Telex (the poor man’s Kraftwerk) and a true shocker in purple catsuits from 1973 – Nicole Josy and Hugo Sigal.