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HP introduces retro-styled anniversary HP 35s calculator

Hp_retrocalc When was the last time you used a calculator, apart from the one on your computer? I can’t honestly remember. But if you have a job that requires advanced calculations, you might want to pick up the HP 35s calculator to do them.

It’s an anniversary model, celebrating 35 years since the company started producing scientific calculators – and this one has the look of the original model. But don’t think the technology is vintage, it can do just about anything required – and much more. In fact, the functions it offers are so complex, I don’t even understand them. Although thankfully, it can still type out rude words if you hold it upside down.

Available in the coming weeks, initially in the US and in its own custom carrying pouch, the HP 35s sells for $60 (around £30).

Find out more at the HP website