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Panasonic Toot-a-Loop Radio

TootaloopRadio has evolved enormously in recent years with the advent of digital radio in its various forms. Back in the 1970s, Panasonic introduced an innovation of its own – the Toot-a-Loop Radio.

This strange-looking creation is a radio that can be twisted and wrapped around your wrist for listening on the move. It comes with a jack for a mono earplug for personal use. As it is only picks up AM, the Toot-a-Loop offers a rather limited choice of stations by modern standards and I’m not all together convinced by its attraction as a fashion accessory, but nonetheless, it is a distinctive looking piece, very much of its time.

It was produced in various colours, including red, blue, yellow and white, and Manchester-based seller Haus has a stock of most colours with prices ranging from £45 to £75.

  • april

    I am looking for a blue toot-a-loop radio to buy. I see it’d in pounds. What is the price in american money