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Guitar and amplifier pillow cases

As someone who has recently invested in a vintage-style guitar and a vintage amp (or at least, a secondhand one), I’m very much take with these guitar and amplifier pillow cases.

Actually, they’re officially known as Music Lover Pillowcases, and featuring a Fender Stratocaster guitar and am amp I can’t quite identify. Each is made of a nylon and cotton mix and should fit standard-sized pillows.

You can buy them online from US retailer Modcloth, priced at $24.99 (around £13).

Find out more at the Modcloth website

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  • Robert Phillis

    Thanks for getting back to me.
    Iwould like to buy the guitar and amplifer
    pillow cases along with the record collecter
    bath mat and save the three dollors by buying
    both.If you can tell me the total cost tax and everything then i will order them,as long as you can at least send the pillow case set
    by x-mass so my son will have them,then you can send the mat later when it comes in.If this is something that can be done please let me know. Thanks, ROBERT