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Jake Arnott’s He Kills Coppers heads to ITV

The BBC did a reasonable job in transferring Jake Arnott’s The Long Firm to the small screen- whether ITV can do the same with the follow-up novel He Kills Coppers remains to be seen.

The cast (pictured here) includes Rafe Spall, Kelly Reilly and Maureen Lipman, all donning some period gear for the murder of said ‘copper’ in 1966 – and the aftermath involving the killer (Billy Porter), the avenging police detective (Frank Taylor) and the journalist (Tony Meehan) who becomes obsessed with the story.

A three-part tale that kicks off in 60s Soho and concludes in the Thatcherite 80s, it should be worth a look – although the words ‘ITV drama’ in the modern era doesn’t fill you with confidence. No date yet for screening, but it should be on TV before Christmas.

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