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Which other sites or blogs do you read?

We’ve done this once before, but if you’re a new reader – or if you have found more cool sites since our last appeal – please let us know.

We are updating our links list once more and we are more than happy to feature any interesting (and relevant) websites or blogs you can recommend on this site.

So if you have seen a site you really like or you find yourself visiting certain sites daily, please let us know what they are with a comment below and we’ll add the best of the bunch to our links list.

  • Well… the things I have in my Google Reader RSS feeds are:
    Retro To Go (natch)
    Retro Thing (
    RetroLife (
    Paleo-Future (
    MAKE Magazine: Retro (
    Retro Recipe Challenge ( (old cookbook recipes fascinate me, the stuff they made in the 50-70s is just… jello molds with noodles and olives inside, served with cocktails wienies on top?)
    Flickr: Vintage Advertising Pool (
    cool site, but no RSS feed –
    Non-retro but appeals to me:
    ThinkGeek :: What’s New (
    Slashdot (
    SCI FI Tech (
    Boing Boing Gadgets (
    Digg / Technology (
    Engadget (
    I wish I could find a good site with info on western electric phones, etc… or really weird old cookbook scans…. or ads and stuff that are exclusively just humorous to read about today…. or a site about the space-age future we should be living in (like the Paleo-Future site)… all with RSS feeds though. I need to read them in Google Reader.

  • Bad Lion
    And many more …
    And one about design
    Very addictive website ..

  • More Ways to Waste Time:

  • Art for Housewives is amazing–she features a lot of recycled items
    another sewing one is Wardrobe Refashion
    Eco-artware to buy recycled goods
    Green Glass for products from recycled wine bottles

  • Ian Cussick