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Website: Eurobad 74 – worst interiors of 1974


Big thanks to Kavel for digging up this online horror – Eurobad 74.

It’s a gallery of the worst interiors of 1974, typified by the one above. Except, I actually quite like some of them – although the majority are way beyond hope. Especially the kitchen with built-in horse box.

Anyway, enjoy the gallery via the link below. And if you know of any similar sites, let us know.

Find out more at the Eurobad 74 website

  • There is a website that is much like this, although I don’t know if it has been featured a while back since it’s been around a while.
    Known as “The Institute of Official Cheer”, everything is retro here. The one that relates directly to this topic is known as “Interior Desecrations”, it’s about halfway down the page, but I really think if you haven’t seen this site you should give it a good lookover.