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Movie Poster Studio’s original film posters


I think we have said on many occasions that original vintage movie posters are an investment for tomorrow, especially with current prices for the less-than-obvious titles still quite low today.

The Movie Poster Studio is typical of many online sellers, with a good range of titles and prices that aren’t going to break the bank. Allsorts of movies are available, from vintage black & white flicks through to modern classics and much in-between. We were going to be topical and feature the Viva Knievel poster (available for £30), but we’ve opted instead for a holiday classic – The Railway Children.

The poster for this timeless gem is sized at 30 x 40 inches and is folded and in ‘excellent’ condition. You can pick it up for £70 – not bad for something almost 40 years old.

Find out more at the Movie Poster Studio website