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Happy 100th Birthday, Converse!


That’s right, seemingly every cool cat’s favourite trainer brand is turning the grand old age of 100 this year. Converse, makers of the fabulous Chuck Taylor All Stars for which they’re most famed, are celebrating the birthday in serious style too.

Rather than backslapping, it seems those behind the controls of the company are just as appreciative of the ‘cool’ of the brand as we all are. They’re celebrating with a campaign of ads featuring James Dean, Sid Vicious and Hunter S. Thompson, among others. An impressive list of A-listers through history, who’ve sported the classic design.

Strangely enough they’ve left out those iconic Chucks lovers, The Ramones, but you can’t gripe at a list like that.

To find out more about the campaign, or just gawp at the pictures, see the Converse website.