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Baracuta and Ben Sherman launch limited edition Harrington jacket


I’m still not sure about the thinking behind it, as both companies already make similar garments, but you can now buy the limited edition Baracuta Ben Sherman Harrington jacket.

There are just 1,000 of the British-made jacket available worldwide, with 400 for the UK market in a choice of red (above), white and navy blue. Detailing includes a Baracuta tab on the front, an embroided Ben Sherman ‘Plectrum’ logo on the chest, an inner lining mixing the Baracuta and Ben Sherman ‘house’ check, two inner labels (one for each company) and as you can see from the image, the phrase ‘History Is made and never bought’.

There’s also elasticated waist and cuffs, button pockets and the button collar. You can pick one up from Cazual (which has a quarter of the UK stock) for £135.

Find out more at Cazual website

  • Hi
    Are they really worth £135? We have been manufacturing in the UK the original, genuine combat label Harrington Jacket since the sixties. We have continually sold the Harrington’s since then. I dare say that the quality of the material that we use is superior to any of the ridiculously expensive alternatives that you can get. £27 or £135, very big difference with obvious benefits.
    Best Regards

  • louis b

    People pay for the name.. baracuta harrington jackets are the most popular. And if your somebody who takes pride in what they wear, like myself, theyre worth every penny.