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Crayola thermos flask at Urban Outfitters House


As playground nostalgia goes, there’s no brand more synonymous with childhood than Crayola. Everyone knew the joys of a new box and the pains of using up your black on the outlines.

Urban Outfitters have brought back the classic design in an altogether more practical form with this Crayola Thermos Flask. Just in time for the festival season, the flask is available in four bright colours and at 23cm tall is pretty sizeable.

Practical and stylish for only £8 each, which might just be cheap enough to indulge in a full set.

Find out more from the Urban Outfitters website

  • smeaton

    where can i buy this! x

  • Helen

    I have looked for this all over but i cant find it anywhere? are they still selling these in urban outfitters of not?? x