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Design your own Adidas Stan Smith trainers


Fancy a pair of unique Adidas Stan Smith trainers? Well, that’s now within your grasp, thanks to Swedish firm Look Down, which offers a customisation service for the retro footwear.

Just think of a design you would like on your feet, then send it in. The company will produce a mock of your shoes for approval before putting in production. The design is created by hand using ‘specialised techniques and processes’, then coated with a protective layer to avoid wear and tear.

None of which comes cheap. Prices are vague (and based on the work involved in each pair), but expect to pay between 200 and 500 Euros, which includes the design fee, base shoe and contribution to shipping costs. But at least you’ll know those shoes are only ever going to appear on your feet.

Find out more at the Look Down website

Via Below The Clouds