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ABICI retro bicycle – the fuss-free bike


wanted to produce a bicycle that was hight on style and quality, but low on clutter and branding. The bike above is the end result.

It’s a handmade cycle (in Italy), made from ionised aluminium for lightness and durability, with a paint job in anti-rust paint. Other selling points include easy wheel removal in the event of a puncture, a back wheel braking system, integral lock, front and rear lights, bone effect handles and bell. Not to mention those stylish retro looks.

Choose from moss green or sky colours, as well as male and female models, with the price around £750.

Find out more at the Pedlars website

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Moschino Bow-front Coat for Autumn


With summer only just hitting its stride, the fashion houses are already looking forward to the A/W season and showing us some decidedly unseasonal items.

If you want to shop ahead, this Moschino Bow-front coat is a great wardrobe staple with some added retro feel. The combination of A-line with the oversized bow neck provides a sophisticated, classic 60s look that’s high end.

The coat is currently available from Net-a-Porter online for a quite staggering £1025. If you’ve got that sort of money, at least this won’t soon go out of style.

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ITV announces remake of The Prisoner

A remake of The Prisoner has been talked about for some time – but now it’s finally been confirmed.

ITV has announced that a six-part ‘reinvention’ is set to go into production, starring Jim Caviezel and Ian McKellen. Caviezel takes the role of Number Six while McKellen will appear throughout the series in the role of Number Two. It’s not a straight remake – according to ITV, the new show will ‘reflect 21st century concerns and anxieties, such as liberty, security and surveillance, yet also showcase the same key elements of paranoia, tense action and socio-political commentary seen in McGoohan’s enigmatic original’.

According to McKellen: ‘Bill Gallagher’s new version of ‘The Prisoner’ is an enthralling commentary on modern culture. It is witty, intelligent and disturbing. I am very excited to be involved.’ We’ll remain unconvinced about the whole thing until we see it with our own eyes – that’s likely to be 2009.

The Prisoner website

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Jimi Hendrix Monterey Pop Festival t-shirt at Urban Outfitters


As pop culture’s iconic moments go, Monterey Pop Festival is up there with the greatest. While everyone’s banging on about Glasto this week, you can grab yourself an ode to a classic moment in music history with this Jimi Hendrix t-shirt from Urban Outfitters.

Emblazoned with a vintage-look logo bearing an image of the legendary guitarist, the t-shirt, of course, refers to the 1967 appearance by the man himself. In a skinny fit, the t-shirt can be worn by men or women easily.

It’s currently available in the Urban Outfitters sale for £19.99.

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Wagon Company’s 50s-style Hot Rod car for your kids


Looking for a quick way to cool for your kids? Look no further than the Wagon Company’s Hot Rod car.

Take your pick from a boy or girl-friendly powder-coated paint job, with the retro car featuring decorative dials in front of the steering wheel, adjustable pedals, larger than average body and large steel wheels with rubber tyres.

The only thing we don’t know is the price – you’ll have to drop the company a line.

Find out more at the Wagon Company website

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Kay & Stemmer’s Edith and Agnes mid-century-inspired shelving units


You might recall Kay & Stemmer from the very stylish Flow sideboard, which was launched back in 2006. Well, now the company is back – with these mid-century-inspired Edith and Agnes shelving units.

Take your pick from the Edith with three shelves or the Agnes, slightly taller with five shelves. Aside from the height, both are similar – made from solid oak with walnut veneered shelves and curved edges that give the units a distinctive look.

Made in the UK and available from Heals, prices start at £395.

Find out more at the Heals website