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Brando USB Tube Clock – old-style timekeeping for your desk


Looking for a new desk clock? The Brando USB Tube Clock could fit the bill – and you can power it from your PC.

Guaranteed to turn a head or two, the USB Tube Clock packs six digital tubes on top of that solid wooden block, showing the hours, minutes and seconds pass by. And power is sorted for as long as you leave your computer on – it works via the USB connection.

Not the biggest thing at 10.5 (H) x 28 (W) x 7.5 (D) cm, but not the biggest price either – $70 (around £35).

Find out more at the Brando website

  • mbd

    Bah – why do you need tubes for those LCDs? It’s a rip off of the more beautiful (and unfortunately more expensive) nixie tube clocks. See for examples.

  • David Walker

    Yep, we’ve covered both the tube watches and clocks here previously – Brando has just gone for the look rather than the authentic technology. But if you can’t afford the real thing…