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Classic James Bond movies reissued on Blu-Ray disc

Just bought the latest restored versions of the James Bond movies on DVD? Well, I’m afraid we have some bad news – the James Bond back catalogue is to be reissued in high definition on Blu-Ray disc.

Good news if you didn’t buy the most recent reissues though – and if you have a Blu-Ray player. According to MGM/Twentieth Century Fox, the new versions have been ‘recently restored and re-mastered for the highest quality picture and sound quality via the state-of-the-art Lowry process digital frame-by-frame restoration. And they’ll be packed with special features too.

The date for your diary is October 31st (same day as the new Quantum of Solace hits the big screen), with the first titles reissued being Dr No, Die Another Day, Live And Let Die, For Your Eyes Only, From Russia With Love and Thunderball.

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